If you have been issued with an Enforcement Notice or you think you are about to: we can help.

A Local Authority has the power to pursue enforcement action by issuing an Enforcement Notice or Breach of Condition Notice depending upon the alleged breach of planning control. On occasion, these notices are accompanied with a Stop Notice. If you have been served a Temporary Stop Notice then it is likely that enforcement action will follow.

Enforcement can be viewed as being complicated; but here at GCPP we specialise in all enforcement matters.  Our initial advice would be to act quickly. Early intervention is the key to resolving any alleged breach of planning control. So long as the Enforcement Notice has not taken effect (normally 28 days following its issue) you have a number of options available to you: We would be happy to go over them with you and provide constructive and informative advice, tailored to your particular circumstance.

Even if you suspect the Local Authority to be considering taking enforcement action, for example if you have received a Planning Contravention Notice or a Section 330 Notice then please do not hesitate to call us, we would be happy to assist. Please view our case studies folder for a selection of successful enforcement cases. Rest assured, you can leave it to us to present the best case possible whatever your budget.


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